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About Our Range

Our count on us range has been specially developed to be low in fat (less than 3%) and calorie controlled - allowing you to enjoy great taste without the guilt!

In order to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you use. Foods that are higher in fats and sugar tend to contain a lot of calories. This range has been developed to help people who are trying to lose weight sensibly, offering a variety of great tasting products to choose from that are both low in fat (less than 3g per 100g) and calorie controlled.

It can sometimes be a struggle finding foods that can be included as part of a reduced calorie diet but our count on us range includes an assortment of foods from prepared meals, to desserts to food on the go.

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How can I lose weight?

count on us meal

It is important to lose weight gradually, no more than 0.5kg-1 kg a week, through reducing the energy you get from food (calories) and increasing the amount of energy you use. Reducing your energy intake to around 1500 calories a day should help you to lose weight sensibly (or 2000 calories for a man) but this depends on many factors such as starting weight, height and age. For an estimate of how many calories you need use your diet plan. It's important to monitor and control your calorie intake because the simple fact is that if you eat too many calories, from any food, you won't lose weight.

Our count on us range is calorie controlled with all main meals having less than 400 calories.

But remember the best way to maintain your ideal weight is through adopting a healthy lifestyle; being active and eating a healthy balanced diet.

What can I eat at meal times?

It might seem like being on a weight loss diet means giving up your favourite dinner time meals and desserts - but this doesn't have to be the case. Here are some examples of how you can easily swap and save calories:

Standard M&S productCount on us product
Chicken Arrabbiata (528 kcal)COU Chicken Arrabbiata (396 kcal)
Beef Pasta Melt (603 kcal)COU Beef Ragu (378 kcal)
King Prawn Alfredo (555 kcal)COU King Prawn Linguine (400 kcal)
Chicken and Broccoli Pie (480 kcal)COU Chicken Bacon and Mushroom Pie (316 kcal)
Chocolate Sundae (450 kcal)COU Skinny Chocolate Frappe (115 kcal)

count on us meal

Can I still eat treats?

The occasional treat can be included as part of a balanced diet - by denying yourself of your favourite treats you are likely to have cravings which could throw you off your good intentions by over indulging.

Our Guilt Free Snacking range let's you enjoy a treat or snack without over indulging. The range of sweet and savoury treats are portion controlled and are less than 150 kcal each. Find out more about the range here.

Count on Us Meal Planner

To help get your diet off to a good start, we've created an easy and delicious four week Count on Us meal planner. Each day is based on 1500 calories, provides at least 5 portsions of fruit and veg and is wthin your daily recommendations for fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar. The days of the week don't need to be stuck to rigidly, and you can swap meals around, just remember to stick within your calorie limits.