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Getting Active

A healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right type of diet- it also includes the need for plenty of activity.

Children should be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Being active is not only important for physical health and keeping a healthy weight but also may help improve your child's self esteem. Group activities and team sports can help to improve their social skills too.

Exercise is not just important for children, but also for adults so why not try doing activities as a whole family- not only will you all benefit from taking extra exercise but you will be having fun and spending quality time together as well! Why not try:

  • Walking - take the dog for a walk together or leave the car at home for shorter journeys
  • Cycling - take a family bike ride along your local canal or park
  • Playing active games- take a frisbee to the beach or play with a football in your local park
  • Swimming - use your local swimming pool or have a paddle in the sea. Did you know some pools now offer free swimming to children under 16? Why not contact your local pool to see if it participating in the scheme?
  • Dancing - turn on music and make up a routine in the living room