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Our Health Philosophy

Our Health Philosophy

We believe healthy eating should be a pleasure with every aspect being enjoyable, delicious and satisfying and this has helped to create our Health Philosophy, our 5 values to help you enjoy a healthy diet.

Make it Delicious

Our chefs scour the world to find nutritious ingredients for our delicious and healthy recipes used across the Food Hall - because good for you shouldn't mean boring! All the foods with our Eat Well sunflower logo are healthy and designed with pleasure at the forefront; there is always an Eat Well choice across our Food Hall.

Find out more about our healthy ranges here.

Eat More not Less

It's easy to concentrate on what we shouldn't eat each day but we think it's better to think about what we should be eating more of. Tuck into a rainbow of colourful fruit and vegetables each day to make it a pleasure, not a chore to get the vitamins and minerals you need.

We know it's easier said than done, which is why we source exciting unique and seasonal varieties of fruit and vegetables making the most delicious varieties convenient to choose each day.

Give Yourself a Boost

Whether it's specific vitamins or nutrients, or just a little added energy to get you through the day, we all need a little lift every now and then.

Our Active Health range is just one of the options that has everything you need to give you that extra boost, whether for bone health, heart health, cholesterol or for your immune system you can choose the foods to suit your diet. Find out more here.

Enjoy a Little of What You Fancy

Allowing yourself a treat from time to time is only natural and can actually help you to achieve your healthy eating goals.

We have a range of delicious treats and snacks for when temptations strikes which allows you to satisfy your cravings without over indulging. Choose from our healthier snacks, portion controlled treats or lighter options across our Food Halls.

Eat Well for Life

We're here to help you eat well for today for a healthy, happy tomorrow. With specific ranges for babies, children, dieters and those looking for added nutrients, M&S is with you every step of the way.

We know as you go through different life stages everyone has different needs and therefore it's important to be able to eat well at every stage of life. From our delicious and nutritionally balanced Tiny Taste Buds baby food range or our Kids children's food that will develop your little ones taste buds, to high protein, balanced carbohydrates with Balanced For You or Count on Us options for calorie control and nutrient boosts in Active Health - there's something for everyone at M&S.

You'll see our Eat Well sunflower on hundreds of products across the Food Hall making is easy to enjoy delicious healthy food every day. Start discovering Eat Well for yourself today to help you balance your diet.