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Maintaining the New You

Maintaining the New You

Sticking With It

So you've managed to lose weight, perhaps even reaching your target weight, but what now? Maintaining your weight loss is one of the hardest things to do and for some people keeping the pounds off is more of a challenge than losing them.

The key for losing weight and keeping it off is to make the changes you have made PERMANENT. You need to carry on maintaining your energy balance - i.e. you're eating as much energy as you're using. The most effective ways to do this is to continue following a healthy and balanced diet and making sure that you are including some exercise as part of your new lifestyle approach.

The hardest part of weight maintenance is being able to stay motivated and at times you may feel frustrated! It's a good idea to enlist the support of friends and family to keep you motivated and provide encouragement. If you are doing it alone, it can seem like you are having to make meals just for you.  There is no reason why the whole family can't get involved in your new healthy eating plan as it isn't about weight loss anymore. Look out for the Eat Well sunflower when you are shopping in M&S as this is used to highlight the healthier options across our food range.

If you feel that you're slipping back to old eating habits, it's a good idea just to write down what you are eating for a day and also take a note of how you feel as this can influence the types of foods that you choose. This will help you recognise what are your triggers to slip back into your old habits.

Stay positive even if you have one bad day it doesn't un-do all the hard work that you've achieved to date.