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Body Shape Calculator

Body Shape Calculator

What's Your Body Shape?

Body shape, like BMI can help you work out if your waist is a healthy size. People that carry too much weight around their tummy are at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. You may find that your BMI falls into the overweight category but because you are muscly, you have a healthy body shape.

Body shapes can generally be broken down into four separate types that are named after the fruit they most resemble.

The four fruit types

Chilli shape


If you have a chilli shape you should take care. You do not need to lose weight and might need to gain it.

Pear shape


If you have a 'pear' shape you have a healthy OK shape. Your body fat is distributed in the area around your hips, thighs and bottom.

Pearapple shape


If you have a 'pear apple' shape you should take care. Make sure you don't put on any more weight which will increase your waistline and your health risks.

Apple shape


If you have an apple shape your health is probably at risk. Excess fat found around the stomach is often associated with risk factors such as heart disease, raised blood pressure, diabetes and some types of cancer. You should talk with your GP about losing weight.

What kind of fruit are you?

To find out your fruit type, just select from the boxes below and click on the calculate button.

Body Shape Calculator