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Guilt Free Snacking

Guilt Free Snacking
100 calorie desserts

About our range

A healthy balanced diet can include snacks but sometimes it can be easy to overindulge. To help you, we've launched a range of sweet and savoury portion controlled snacks that don't compromise on taste and quality and are all less than 150 calories.

The range has something for everyone, whether you are on a diet and fancy a little treat or if you're just trying to follow a healthy diet. The range contains a selection of Eat Well snacks, that are all signposted with the Eat Well sunflower logo and include ingredients such as oats, seeds, nuts, as well as more indulgent items such as chocolate or crisps.

Each snack has been specially developed to be less than 150 calories and the calorie value per snack is shown clearly on the front. These can be incorporated into a healthy diet as well as both Count on Us and Balanced For You diet plans, plus they are all individually wrapped to make it easier for you to resist temptation!

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