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Tiny Taste Buds

Tiny Taste Buds

Tiny Taste Buds is an exclusive range of baby foods at M&S. The range provides healthy, balanced meals for each stage of your baby's weaning which have been specifically tailored to the nutrition needs of your baby to support their growth and development.

Only the highest quality organic ingredients have been used from each of the different food groups to help introduce new tastes and textures to help your baby develop positive eating habits for the future.

All of our baby foods are Eat Well, made from 100% organic ingredients and have no added sugar or additives and are low in salt.

Tiny Taste Buds - Stage 1

Stage 1

For around 6 months of age. All meals are based on smooth purees for babies starting out.

Tiny Taste Buds - Stage 2

Stage 2

7 months+. Gently mashed vegetables for babies moving on.

Tiny Taste Buds - Stage 3

Stage 3

10 months+. Tiny yummy chunks for developing tastes.

Tiny Taste Buds - Stage 4

Stage 4

12 months+. Bite size chunks for little ones starting to feed themselves.