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Cod with lettuce, pepper and Miso mash

Cod with lettuce, pepper and Miso mash

Serves 4


- 4 Cod Fillets
- 40ml Olive oil
- 450g Maris piper potatoes
- 100ml Milk
- 40g Miso paste
- 1 Lettuce
- 1 Red pepper;- Medium dice
- 80g Petit pois
- 400ml Chicken stock
- 20ml Soy sauce


  1. 1 Cook the potatoes in salted water and once tender, drain, allow to steam and then turn into mash with the Milk, add the Miso paste to this and set aside
  2. 2 At the same time, heat a heavy based frying pan and add the ground nut oil, fry the cod for around 2-3 minutes and then turn over for the same. After this time, remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. 3 Wipe the pan and then addition a little more oil, fry the diced peppers for around 2 minutes or until soft.
  4. 4 When the peppers are soft, add the stock, when this boils, add the lettuce and then the peas , let this simmer for 2 minutes turn off the heat add the soy sauce.
  5. 5 To serve place a small mound of mash in a bowl, spoon the vegetable garnish and some broth into the bowl and place the cod on top
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